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JJ Window Tinting

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JJ Window Tinting

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Best Window tinting car alarm and radio prices. Best window tinting services for auto, cars, home, office and commercial buildings.

11737 Victory Bl. North Hollywood

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Things you should know about window tinting.

 If you are looking to get your car windows tinted and you haven’t find the right price or things aren’t clear jet. This is what you should consider before buying it.

1. How long you plan to keep your car? If you plan to keep your car for more than 2 years you should consider buying a film that will last more than 3 years. Because it means the film will not deteriorate sooner than 2 years.  

2. How reputable is the shop? The longer the business is been established the more likely the warranty and honesty.

3. How cheap is cheap? You don’t have to be smart to know that what you pay is what you get. The cheaper the price the cheaper the film and labor. Professional jobs take better films and longer time, because it takes extra time to clean, cut, apply and after all that retouch it. It’s a waste of art to use a cheap film on a great job.

4. Does the salesman knows about installing film? Installers Vs. Salesmen Someone who doesn’t know about how an engine works can’t recommend you what engine oil is better. Many salesman or shop owners don’t know how to install films, how one film is better over other, why films fail over time, why the other one is not going to fail over time, what precautions should be taken for the type of car you have before tinting it. Why your car is easier or harder then others. These guys rely solely on the employee’s knowledge and sometimes the installer doesn’t have experience. Some shop owners become angry at a customer complain because he can’t fix the problem and the installer is a rookie.

5. What type of film should I get? There are many types of films. Low, mid and high quality. It should be the seller and buyer responsibility to get to the best price and product that best suits both. Sometimes the salesman offers cheap prices because he is afraid to loose the sale and the buyer thinks that is a bargain. What the buyer doesn’t know is that the product is low quality and is going to give him problems in the future. Sometimes the buyer is looking for a high quality but the salesman doesn’t know.