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Every body is more deceived  to price than quality. People think that if someone quotes them $100 and another one quotes them $150 the job and the film is the same but the upper price is just a rip off. Wrong, just like the saying “what you pay is what you get” is the same as saying “I’ll get paid what you’ll get”. Every body who charges cheaper is because they are not capable of doing something better and they know that if they charge cheap people won’t be demanding. Any body who is professional won’t be undersold and the customer can’t black mail him because he knows his job is professional level.

Another example is car insurance. Reputable companies will charge more for the same coverage because they won’t let you down when you need them.

At JJ we don’t compete with cheap prices but with quality and we don’t treat people as cheap but as honorable customers. We believe that every one deserves respect. That’s why we don’t have selected ones.

 If you are looking for quality products, professional job and a place that will treat you as an expensive and not as a cheap customer you’re in the right place. I treat my customers as honorable because I don’t like to be treated as a cheap person. I don’t care to pay a little more but don’t  treat me cheap. That’s my believe.

How Much Window Tinting Cost?

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Legal Car Window Tinting Special $125 Most Cars.