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JJ Window Tinting

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JJ Window Tinting

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JJ Window Tinting

Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley, Ca

Madico - Sun Gard - Scytek - 3M Crystalline

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JJ Window Tinting Luxury Line. Read First!


     This line of window films are made in mind for people who demand higher quality of window tinting. For people who not just want a tinting job at the lowest price, but for people who want to treat themselves  with the best. Better look, more performance and more heat rejection. This films not provide just that, but are made with newer technology, made with expensive materials and that are made to last for ever. They require special attention at time of installation doe to the material that it’s made. This films don’t have any metal that will disrupt the radio frequencies of any radio transceiver. This films will not fade, bubble or peel.


Prices range from $300-$550.00. If you are not wiling to pay this much then this is not for you. But don’t worried, we still have good films made by reputable companies like Madico, Scytek, Sun Gard and 3M on special.

If you are looking for the best of window tinting? Stay here.

If you are looking for a regular window tinting? Go to our Home page and checkout our special of the day.  

Ceramic Window Tinting

     This line of window film is made to last for ever and rejects up to 85% of IR light 99.9% of UV A light and 60% of heat. Made with newer technology and tuff-est materials to withstand  heat from entering your vehicle. Doesn’t matter the shade it’s going to stop more heat than a conventional window film. Call for a quote because price depends on the type of your vehicle.

Ceramic High Definition Window Tinting

     Same as ceramic but with higher definition when you look through the glass. Reduces 99.9% of UV A/B light. 92% of IR Light and up to 60% of heat. Call for a quote because price depends on the type of your vehicle.

Nano Technology Window Tinting

     This line of window film packs everything of all window tinting films. A 200 layer thin film. Reducing up to 97% of IR light and 99.9% of UV A/B light. Recommended by the cancer association to people with sensitive skin.. Call for a quote because price depends on the type of your vehicle.