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JJ Window Tinting

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JJ Window Tinting

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JJ Window Tinting

3M - Madico - Sun Gard - Scytek.

Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley, Ca

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We run our business from the sun!

    Thank you for the interest in learning more about our renewable energy power plant. We are the only window tinting shop to invest more than $50,000 in making L.A a clean city. We produce more power than what we can use from wind and sun light. We are an innovating store using the latest technology in every way. From solar panels to produce energy, LED Tvs, LED light bulbs, star energy computers to efficient IR Wincos window film.  We’ve been in business since 1990 and we don’t plan to quit soon.

     We know that in high power demand, blackouts can happen. That’s why   we’ve also added a power back up system in case of power failure. We’ve put together 6 Trojan J305 deep cycle batteries. Each battery stores 300AH all together about 8kw. A Sunforce 2500 watts pure sine wave power inverter. This inverter transform power stored in the batteries to household AC power. This hole system stores electricity straight from the solar panels not from the grid.

     We know that to stay competitive we have to innovate. We’ve upgraded our tv and computers to faster and efficient  units. LED Google TV. 3D Samsung TV. Dell Computers with Windows 7. People can relax in our leather couch and watch an IMAX 3D movie while waiting for your car. Free WI-FI or browse the Internet from the smart tv. All free no extra charge. Also we have changed our lightning to LED light bulbs. This light bulbs dont heat up and uses much less energy.

     We’ve also acquired a Nissan Leaf. This vehicle is pure electric (no gas). It has a 24kw battery that can take us to 120 miles range. This vehicle is charged with solar power from JJ Window Tinting. This vehicle is Zero Emission no pollution is released to the atmosphere. It’s also tinted with energy efficient film by Wincos IR Caramic to help the cabin cool off faster, this way the air conditioning kicks in sooner. It also makes us independent from crude oil.

We‘ve done our part. Are you doing yours?