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JJ Window Tinting

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Make $80 - $140.00 an hour. Start a new career, learn how to install window film on cars, home and commercial windows. Hands on training courses. I know you’ve been watching videos in Youtube for quite a while and up to this time you don’t have a clue about what they are talking about. After you take our classes you will understand all they are talking about. We will teach you tricks and guide you on everything you need to know to start a business on the window tinting field. Don’t spend money on DVD’s which will not lead you to anywhere but to waste. Hands on training offers a better learning on practicing onto the real thing, the best way to learn. Window tinting is all about tricks and practice, but first you have to know the tricks, after that is all about practicing. Tools,  tricks and practicing is what make a professional. There are millions of cars and people needing window tinting that what ever money you spend, it will pay back in a few tint jobs. At some point everyone of us had spent some amount of money to learn. After you see the income you are making you will be glad for the choice you’ve made.

Training conducted Mon-Sat 9:00am to 6:00pm. You can

Enroll same day or a day in advance.

We will guide you through about the different types of films and tools, where to buy them and which ones you need. Types of permits you need to start a business.  


Andas buscando como aprender a instalar polarizado de ventanas? As llegado al lugar correcto. Nosotros hemos enceñado a muchas peronas que ya estan trabajando en su negosio o en talleres ganando desde $80-$140 por hora. El negocio de polarizado para ventanas es muy lucroso en California, puesto que es el estado de mas demanda que en cualquier otro estado si es que no es el el mejor del mundo. Las compañias de polarizado lo saven y por eso es que el punto de venta de ellos es aqui, el sur de California. Las clases son de Lunes a Savado de 9am-6pm. Para enrolarte llamanos el mismo dia o un dia antes. Puedes agarrar de 2,3,4 y 5 dias de aprendisaje. Clases en español o ingles. Comienza un nuevo trabajo ganado mucho dinero ahora.

Most frequent question:

Will I be able to tint a car after the training course?

Yes, All our students are able to tint more then 50% of the cars.

How many days is the training?

We have 2, 3, 4, and 5 days 9am-6pm.

What length of days is best for me?

If you’ve all ready  started a while back practicing but you just need the last push? 2 days is fine.

If you’ve never practiced at all? 5 days is best.

Where do I buy tools and films?

We will tell you where to buy the tools what kind of tools you need and where to buy the window films and the different types of window films there are.

How many people are in a class?

Classes are private.

Professional Window Tinting Kit For Cars.

* 2 Rolls of 20in x 50ft window film.

  Your choice 5%, 20% or 35%.

* 1 Professional Spray Bottle.

* 1 Bulldozer Squeegee For Rear Window.

* 1 Blue Max Stiff Squeegee With Handle.

* 1 6in Yellow Polyurethene “Turbo” Squeegee.

* 1 Teflon Black Hard Card.

* 1 Olfa Yellow Handle Knife.

* 1 Olfa Stainless Steel 13 pt. Snap Off Blades.

      (50 Blades Pack).

* 1 Li’l Chizzler.


This are the tools we use to install the window film in all cars.